What are dental implants?

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What are dental implants?

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The dental implants are a technique that allows you to regain non-removable teeth fixed. Implantology is able, through the grafting of bone implants, to restore chewing function. Almost all implants are made of titanium. Are more or less threaded cylindrical / conical shape that are inserted in a special input made previously by the Doctor in the gum. Subsequently, screws onto the stump made of the same color of the other teeth. The plants, located in the bone of the patient, will be strongly embedded in it from the physiological mechanisms of bone regeneration.

Types of dental implants:

– SYSTEMS TOOTH SINGLE FIXED: this technique allows to implant individual teeth fixed with the aesthetics and functionality of natural teeth.

– IMMEDIATE LOAD: is one of the two most common techniques: you can get a temporary fixed prosthesis subsequent intervention, ensuring structural stability and rapid bone healing. – TECHNICAL ALL ON 4 AND ALL ON 6: both techniques allow to restore the dental arches by placing 4 or 6 implants in bone strategic points, ensuring the acquisition of the chewing functionality in a short time.

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