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Seals are a preventive measure against dental caries and it is definitely recommended.

“Sealing” are composite resins in liquid form placed on the bottom of the grooves and pits of the teeth. After their application they are light cured using a special lamp that transforms them from solids in liquids.
It’s quick, painless and inexpensive for the benefits it provides! The sealing of the teeth is performed without anesthesia and without the use of the drill. It is a defensive strategy which protects against caries of the permanent molars furrows. The first permanent molars erupt at the age of 6 and they are teeth exposed to the risk of tooth decay because they are difficult to be cleaned by the child and for the poor manual in properly brushing teeth and for the position they occupy in the mouth, and because once they have erupted they have grooves. The sealant is a flowable resin that is made to slide inside the grooves (previously treated with an acid to make them porous and retain the resin). Once applied, the sealant prevents the plaque bacteria to penetrate into the grooves thus preventing the development of caries. The application lasts even several years if repeated when the resin was consumed. The sealing of the teeth is applied to the chewing surfaces of the teeth as a paint and its application is totally painless, it is not necessary to remove the tooth tissue.


Excellent professionals! Enter the Dental Practice of Drs Galassini means feeling at home. The staff were helpful and always willing to help.
I met the Studio by my friends have talked to me several times the staff were always friendly and Doctors extremely competent! They could not recommend me the best professionals!
After much research we finally found the Studio suitable for my daughters, the Galassini Dr. besides being very prepared makes even fun and fear of the dentist has finally disappeared.
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