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Conscious sedation is used at all. There is no patient, adult or child, phobic or indifferent, calm or agitated, fearful or courageous, that doesn’t can benefit.

Many people avoid dental care for fear of experiencing pain. The lack of dental checks leads to neglect their oral hygiene to the point that sometimes more complex and invasive procedures become necessary to restore a normal mouth.

It is a technique that aims to offer patients the opportunity to undergo the treatment without suffering from anxiety or fear. The main benefit of conscious sedation consists in the feeling of calm and relaxation that it produces, so that the patient hardly notices the passage of time making it possible complex treatments that require several subsequent visits and that can thus be resolved in one or two sessions.

The Conscious Sedation also allows the ambulatory execution of more complex surgeries, such as multiple implants, excision of cysts, difficult extractions, etc.

The Sedation you want to get is called “conscious” because it keeps the patient’s cooperation, maintain her vital signs, such as breathing and circulation, leaving the patient perform basic commands such as opening or closing the mouth, turn the head left or right, etc. . It does not, therefore, neither contraindications, no side effects.

These brief considerations show the sedation can not be a substitute for local anesthesia performed by the dentist, but it constitutes an integration with the aim of encouraging the patient’s well-being and the success of the intervention, contributing both to the patient and operators’ serenity. If local anesthesia is not enough and/or the surgical procedure appears long and complex you can resort to general anesthesia, in the right locations and appropriate modalities, to be agreed upon and plan ahead.



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