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The dental prosthesis is a studio-dentistico-dott-galassini-formiginemedical device that replaces, in fixed or removable manner, damaged teeth or missing. After undergoing the dental visit with one of our dentists specialists – after the analysis and the evaluation of instrumental and radiographic data – we proceed to write up a report on the clinical situation of each patient and the proposal of alternative treatment plans to choose what best meets the specific needs and expectations.

Fixed prosthesis includes an artifact that has the function both to rebuild a severely damaged tooth and to replace one or more missing teeth, anchoring it in a stable manner to the remaining teeth or in implants inserted in the edentulous area. This type of prosthesis does not require in any case the removal from the patient. The dental industry today provides aesthetic materials, such as solid ceramics, for the manufacture of fixed prostheses, both single crowns that bridges, which allow, in a large number of clinical situations, to avoid the use of metal alloys and support allow a great mimicry with the natural dentition, for an excellent result both from a functional and aesthetic point of view.

The denture instead replaces missing teeth with the artifacts that are to be removed from the patient during the daily care and have an anchor with hooks to the existing teeth or with precision attacks on prosthetic crowns.

ABUTMENTS BEAUTY: It is a technique that ensures a great result. The possibility of rotating on itself at the base allows a precise positioning and cured.



alumina ceramic

Lithium disilicate

Recognized for excellent aesthetics, light is not only reflected but there is a transparency that is perceived in natural teeth. Material often used for the front teeth, because of the characteristics listed above. Ceramic is a biocompatible compound hypoallergenic.dentista-galassini-formigine1-300x200


Technique used for all those patients who need a rehabilitation of the entire dental arch because no teeth or teeth no longer recoverable. The reconstruction of the arch by only 4 or 6 implants to return to have a healthy mouth.

TEMPORARY PROSTHESIS IMMEDIATE: it is a temporary prosthesis attached to the bone mandibular front through which ensures greater stability of the prosthesis. In the day you go back to regain a proper chewing. The material used for the immediate provisional prosthesis is the resin that causes less weight on the plants.



Excellent professionals! Enter the Dental Practice of Drs Galassini means feeling at home. The staff were helpful and always willing to help.
I met the Studio by my friends have talked to me several times the staff were always friendly and Doctors extremely competent! They could not recommend me the best professionals!
After much research we finally found the Studio suitable for my daughters, the Galassini Dr. besides being very prepared makes even fun and fear of the dentist has finally disappeared.
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