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The dental prosthesis is designed to repair and replace damaged or lost tooth structure and improve aesthetics.

As aesthetic implants are considered dental veneers and crowns.

faccette-estetiche-formigine-210x300DENTAL VENEERS

Dental veneers are one of the best results of modern aesthetic dentistry. They are also known with the term “aesthetic veneers” and consists of thin ceramic sheets that are applied on the outer surface of the front teeth.

The tooth preparation involves removing a small portion of tooth substance, varying according to the case; it is still a very conservative procedure that does not involve damage to the pulp and remains within the enamel limits.

The very thin ceramic (from 0.4 to 0.6 mm) vest jacket that so natural semi-transparency that makes it virtually invisible, allowing you to get an excellent result.


Dental crowns are a kind of dental restoration applied over and around the tooth portion which is located above the line of the gum. Crowns are used to reshape the tooth shape and improve the functionality and aesthetics.

We made aesthetic veneers and crowns in lithium silicate, zirconium or other ceramic materials because they possess great stamina and a better appearance than traditional metal implants. They are also totally biocompatible materials that do not cause allergic reactions, do not change color and do not have imperfections related to metal flanges.


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