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In recent years the dental digital radiology has made great strides, while minimizing patient discomfort and increasing the quality of the images obtained.

The current standards allow to have detailed x-rays with low radiation emissions, immediate availability of images and possibility to edit colors, exposure, size, and other variables according to the requirements.

Always attentive to the evolution of technologies in the dental care sector, we chose a digital radiography system based on the use of special films phosphor, capable of ensuring a significant reduction of exposure to radiation timing without this compromising the definition of the images. An advantage for everyone and especially for adolescent patients, small children and any person with particular vulnerabilities.

At our studio you can perform intraoral radiographs, panoramic and cephalometric images. The different solutions are identified from time to time according to the therapeutic objectives to be achieved and allow to satisfy the demands of each with the maximum precision.

The digital radiology service is an additional strength of Dr. Galassini Dentistry.


Excellent professionals! Enter the Dental Practice of Drs Galassini means feeling at home. The staff were helpful and always willing to help.
I met the Studio by my friends have talked to me several times the staff were always friendly and Doctors extremely competent! They could not recommend me the best professionals!
After much research we finally found the Studio suitable for my daughters, the Galassini Dr. besides being very prepared makes even fun and fear of the dentist has finally disappeared.
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