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Today to conventional pedodontic techniques specialists join a machine generating ozone gas that can perform dental Ozone therapy. Characteristic of such treatment is to block, with the ulmost delicacy, the progression of tooth decay without resorting to anesthesia and drill, even in the youngest and restless patients.
Ozone, a substance already known in general medicine, kills bacteria responsible for tooth decay of enamel and dentin. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, immunostimulant properties of trofo-induction that promotes tissue regeneration. This allows you to defer more comprehensive care (or even to avoid them, limiting himself to this treatment, repeated) with no symptoms of the disorder and progression linked to these carious lesions, too often so early. In practice, you can fix it so that minority of cases that despite sedation with N20 and O2 (according Langa) you can not heal in the usual way because they are too old or too little uncooperative, combining scrupulous hygiene, diet low in sugars, mineralizing substances (liquid calcium). Moreover, the machinery applications that produces ozone go beyond these cases. Ozone helps to be much more conservative in the care of the teeth and sometimes to avoid root canals even in uncooperative individuals, both children and adults.


Excellent professionals! Enter the Dental Practice of Drs Galassini means feeling at home. The staff were helpful and always willing to help.
I met the Studio by my friends have talked to me several times the staff were always friendly and Doctors extremely competent! They could not recommend me the best professionals!
After much research we finally found the Studio suitable for my daughters, the Galassini Dr. besides being very prepared makes even fun and fear of the dentist has finally disappeared.
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