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Orthodontics in teen has the goal to correct skeletal malocclusions and in accordance with the most patient growth phase: this is in fact the decisive moment to set a proper plan of treatment in cases in which the craniofacial development has led to discrepancies such as not to be solvable with only the displacement of the toothing. In the age of development, during the pubertal growth peaks, it is in fact still possible to condition the growth of the jaws which together with a correct dental alignment determines the achievement of a ‘harmonic aesthetics of the face and smile.

If therefore the adolescent patient has a malocclusion skeletal nature, Dr. Galassini will propose an orthopedic-functional treatment.

If the patient has a dental malocclusion purely nature, it will be offered an alignment treatment of the arches.

On average, adolescent orthodontics has a duration between 18 and 24 months, if not followed as a first phase of interceptive orthodontic treatment (see Orthodontics in child age) which normally reduces the times.


We believe in the importance of the maintaining of the result obtained with orthodontics, so as to avoid an unpleasant return. For each patient we design a program of restraint and remote controls, scanned over time, for many years. Very important is the assessment of wisdom teeth, which have to be supported at the right time.


Excellent professionals! Enter the Dental Practice of Drs Galassini means feeling at home. The staff were helpful and always willing to help.
I met the Studio by my friends have talked to me several times the staff were always friendly and Doctors extremely competent! They could not recommend me the best professionals!
After much research we finally found the Studio suitable for my daughters, the Galassini Dr. besides being very prepared makes even fun and fear of the dentist has finally disappeared.
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