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Implant Dentistry is the branch of dentistry that deals with replacing missing teeth with synthetic roots anchored to the bone.

The loss of natural teeth has always been an invalidating event, both for functional aspects and the aesthetic aspects of the mouth. Before the introduction of implant dentistry, the restoration was only made by fixing prosthesis to adjacent teeth in the missing ones: a demolitive process which consisted in the filing of healthy teeth to accommodate the crowns that would have supported the missing ones. When the number or health status of natural teeth was not conducive to the construction of fixed prosthesis, the replacement of missing teeth included, however, the application of full or partial dentures.

implantologia-dentale-formigine-300x200Today these devices are disappearing thanks to the progress made to protect against caries and periodontopathies, which reduced the loss of dental elements but also about implant that allowed the stable replacement, even in cases of complete loss. With the use of implant dentistry was no longer necessary to involve intact teeth to replace missing teeth, or apply dentures or otherwise movable artifacts.

The dental implant, acting as artificial root inserted stably into the bone, can validly support a single capsule or a bridge, or can anchor in excellent way dentures unstable or poorly tolerated by the patient.

As needed, you can enter one or more plants, to replace a single tooth, several teeth (partial denture) or all teeth arch (complete dentures). Contrary to what you might think, in most cases, the intervention of implant dentistry is not painful nor expensive and has a very high success rate.

DENTAL IMPLANTS SINGLE: the single dental implants allow to obtain individual teeth fixed with the aesthetics and function of natural teeth.

IMMEDIATE LOAD: it is a technique that allows to obtain a temporary element of implant immediately after the surgery.

REHABILITATION TOTAL ARCATE COMPLETE WITH TECHNICAL ALL ON 4 AND ALL ON 6: Both techniques allow to restore the dental arches in whole by placing 4 or 6 implants in bone strategic points, ensuring the acquisition of the chewing functionality in a short time.


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