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Milk teeth must be cared for in the best way, because from their health also depends that of the adult teeth. Before you teach oral hygiene to the child, the better is.


Oral hygiene is essential: the child must learn from an early age to brush their teeth in the right way, to counteract the appearance of the main enemies of the health of the mouth, teeth, gums, such as tartar and tooth decay.

In the first few months of the child it is up to mom and dad deal with this of course.
Initially to accomplish an effective cleaning a gauze soaked in water is enough, making it pass with great delicacy of the whole of the tooth surface, to remove the bacterial plaque that is already forming. You can also find small rubber thimbles with a knurled side in drugstore: stuck on the finger, allow you to clean the gums and teeth of the baby very easily.

When the milk molars appear (usually after one year of age) it’s time to start using the toothbrush.

At first, the parents pass it on the teeth of the baby, then, when he learns the fine movements, it’s up to him to take care of his own oral cleaning.

It’s better to avoid too stiff brushes that may injure the gums of the baby, still rather weak.
The ideal toothbrush should be of medium hardness because those too soft are not suitable (they are likely to be ineffective). It is recommended to choose toothbrushes specially designed for children, with a small head, adapted to the small size of the baby’s mouth, and a wide enough grip for easy grip and use.

The choice of the bristle material is also important: synthetic bristles are more hygienic than natural ones. These natural bristles, absorbing a lot of water, are likely to become fertile ground for the reproduction of bacteria.

Once you have chosen the right toothbrush to ensure the child proper oral hygiene, it is important to treat it with due caution. You should always rinse it carefully, removing any remaining toothpaste, after use. The toothbrush is not forever, it must be replaced frequently, at least every two to three months.


If the choice of the toothbrush may not be causal, even the choice of the toothpaste should be careful. Toothpastes are not effective in the same way, each one has specific characteristics and indications: especially when you deal with children then it’s better not improvise.

There are specific products, aimed at younger, that are flavored, with the aim of making them more pleasing. Do not panic if the child accidentally ingests a bit of toothpaste. These are products designed for them, made with natural and non-toxic ingredients.


The child must learn the importance of cleaning operations as soon as possible.

Here are the basic rules:

  • It is essential to brush the entire surface of the teeth, paying particular attention to the collar – the part of the tooth connected to the gingiva – because it is the area where it forms the majority of bacterial plaque; and paying attention to occlusal parts too, namely those involved in mastication;
  • The movement to do with a toothbrush i salso important. It is better not to rub the teeth moving the brush from right to left because in this way you do not eliminate the residues of food nested between the cracks of the teeth, and could irritate your gums. The risk is to damage them due to an excessive rubbing. So the advice is to brush them from above downwards, to the upper jaw, and from the bottom up, for the lower jaw;
  • Teeth should be washed after each meal, for at least three minutes;
  • To entice children to brush their teeth, mom and dad could wash them together with sons, showing them the right moves to make.

Dr. Federica Galassini adhere to Colgate Project in kindergartens and primary schools in the province of Modena.


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