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The term “endodontics” includes the branch of dentistry that deals with the endodontium therapy, that is the space inside the tooth which contains the dental pulp (cells, such as the odontoblasts, and stellate cells, by vessels and nerves).

We resort to the endodontic therapy if a lesion (carious, traumatic) determines an irreversible alteration of the pulp tissue, even necrosis. We can also use this method if the dental element is to be involved in prosthetic restorations that due to the considerable reduction of dental tissue itself would result in irreversible alteration pulp (pulp necrosis for iatrogenic causes).

Orthograde endodontic therapy consists of several stages:

  • Access to the pulp chamber
  • Shaping with manual or mechanical endodontic instruments (cleaning of the root canal by different irrigant elements (hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, calcium-chelating).
  • Three-dimensional sealing of all of the channel structures (including lateral canals and apical delta) via a thermoplastic rubber according to the techniques of cold lateral condensation and hot vertical condensation.


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