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Conservative dentistry, or so called restorative dentistry, is a branch of dentistry that deals to rebuild dental elements that have lost part of their dental structure as a result of decay or traumatic events. The term “conservative” indicates precisely a mini-invasive approach that aims to comply with the remaining tooth structure and to maintain them over time. We perform all of restorative dentistry treatments after the operating field isolation with rubber dam to ensure patient safety and longevity of our restoration.


The restoration of the previous elements often is a rich challenge of pitfalls. The low adhesion surface and the difficulty in harmonizing both form and color of the restoration with the adjacent teeth, without make evident the filling of teeth, may be reasons to push the patient to more aggressive solutions such as root canals and crowns or prosthetic porcelain veneers.
In many cases an excellent mastery of materials and modern techniques, in the right hands, make possible invisible restoration of the anterior teeth too with direct technique, no need for root canals and prosthetic intervention, let the patient save his money and even more important his health of course.


Today the evolution of resin materials allows to get very good restorations with aesthetic and functional result even in the posterior region of the mouth (molars and premolars).


In small and medium size cavities we perform teeth restoration in a single visit finally allowing the patient get a natural tooth restorations close to the aesthetic situation before the carious pathology.


Despite the media terrorism that has been brought forward against silver amalgam, indicated as a toxic material for the presence of mercury, any important scientific work has ever reported damage to the health of the patient following use of this material. Mercury contained in silver amalgam never remains in free form but always mixed with other metals which prevent their absorption by the body. On the other hand it should be emphasized how the same resin monomers of the new materials are potentially toxic. For both materials, the key factor for their safety is in fact represented by the quality of the material and the method of use. A media campaign so fierce for what remains the most reliable material for the restoration of posterior teeth today can only be explained by the important economic interests of the manufacturers of resin materials, worried about the negative economic consequences that could have potentially eternal restorations. We are aware of the safety and reliability of this material, which remains the most enduring, so we have acquired a complete mastery of modeling techniques – now neglected by many colleagues – to offer secure and potentially eternal restorations to patients who prefer reliability to any questionable aesthetic consideration.


In the case in which the pathology of the carious element has led to an excessive loss of tooth structure a direct restoration (then executed directly by the operator in the patient’s mouth), especially in resinous aesthetic material, could represent an inappropriate choice. The restoration may be in fact less pleasant from an aesthetic point of view, and especially less lasting.

The preparation technique of indirect restorations provides a first reconstruction performed directly on the patient after the removal of carious tissue; the preparation of a cavity extremely precise and geometrically defined; the detection of a silicone impression. On the model obtained from the dental impression the dental technician will realize an artifact that perfectly fits together with the composite resin prepared cavity on the tooth. In a second appointment the inlay will only be cemented to completely reconstruct the dental element. This technique allows to obtain excellent aesthetic and functional results. Furthermore the materials used in the laboratory, while being the same that the dentist uses in the studio, can be cooked in ovens under pressure giving the material considerably higher strength characteristics, to all advantage of restoration’s reliability.


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