The care of children’s teeth begins from the mother’s womb.

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The care of children’s teeth begins from the mother’s womb. 

According to research, tooth decay are fought by prevention during the months of pregnancy. According to a recent study in the US more than 40% of women, due to incorrect information, does not submit to an inspection visit to the Dental Office. Attention to hormonal changes during pregnancy that can even worsen some oral diseases. It must be put more attention to oral hygiene, nutrition and the use of certain drugs. The use of some medications can make dry mouth causing an increase of bacteria in the mouth and consequent problems teeth and gums. A diet rich in sugary foods and starches can increase plaque and enamel problems.

By Studio fact it has emerged that more than 43% of expectant mothers does not submit to regular visits to the dentist, despite the 76% suffered from problems such as toothache and bleeding gums. During the search they found that, during pregnancy, 55% of women surveyed believe their very good oral health, unlike the pre-pregnancy stage when the percentage increases to 63%. 36% instead says that it’s been over 12 months since the last visit at the Dental Studio, one of the reasons why you do not make visits are the costs. The study was found as proper oral hygiene information by the aid gynecologist to prevent disease of the most common teeth. It showed that 43% of pregnant women did not discuss oral hygiene during visits to the gynecologist.

63% of new mothers say they care less often oral hygiene compared to the pre-pregnancy period due to time constraints. 34% of mothers said they had not received advice on good dental health of infants. Consequently only 50% of mothers cleans the gums to the baby every day.


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