We have installed a brand new 3D X-ray unit that gives back three-dimensional images of the skull or some of its areas with highest quality and reduced exposure to x-rays. The radiation dose is less up to 10 times compared to a traditional device.

Knowing completely the ground before exploring it is an essential condition for success!


The advanced sterilization is carried out thanks to autoclaves, where wrapped instruments are sterilized by a step in steam at 135 ° C for 15 minutes at a pressure of 2 atmospheres. Control is entrusted to a microchip that automatically checks temperatures, times and pressures with guarantee so that the cycle constantly ensures the instrument sterilization.


Here you can relax with Conscious Sedation. You can use this technique with nitrous to treat the teeth of adults and children. It’s a strong analgesic technique that allows you to deal with dental treatment without pain and stress.
Nitrous oxide instills a sense of relaxation and well-being, without inducing drowsiness. The fear of the dentist disappears ensuring the success of the operation.


This is a breakthru technique for stopping the caries without the use of the drill, particularly shown in children and milk teeth.
Ozone treatment uses ozone gas as a powerful disinfectant, substance already well known in medical science that leads to a sterilization in blocking the progression of carious tissue. Ozone treatment has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, immunostimulant and re-mineralizing. This allows you to delay more invasive treatments or even to avoid them, with the absence of symptoms and progression of symptoms linked to these carious lesions.


It allows the cleaning and disinfection of dental surfaces and periodontal pockets too in a very accurate and minimally invasive approach. Oral hygiene performed through this method allows to remove tartar deep located and allows us to completely eliminate the bacteria in the dentinal tubules. Why choose laser therapy for the treatment of periodontitis? Laser therapy is absolutely painless. Bleeding, sensitivity and symptoms associated with the disease disappear after few applications.