For 35 years Galassini Dentistry is highly specialized in dental care for children and in the aesthetic treatments of adults.

We deal all branches of dentistry with professionalism and passion.

“Accuracy, competence, innovation and training” are our motto !!


To better meet the needs of our patients, the study makes use of a valuable and experienced staff team to provide a specialized service in the various fields of dentistry:


• Children dental care, with regular preventive programs and orthodontic treatment;

• Aesthetic treatments, with the use of porcelain veneers, metal-free crowns and teeth whitening


• Oral hygiene programs, with periodic reminders and programmed sessions;

• Implant therapy, with fixed prosthetic designs and immediate loading;


The Dental Practice is equipped with the latest technical equipment, constantly updated, and was created with total respect for the patient’s needs and all the most modern sanitation regulations, in compliance with many of the future healthcare specific. A further development was the opening of a second office in Via Vittorio Veneto n. 20, 50 mt. from the current one, which from April 2008 is only dedicated to implant surgery. The future and continuity are the presence of the daughter of Dr. Galassini, Federica, graduated in 2010 in Dentistry at the University of Modena and specialized with Master’s Degree in Pediatric Dentistry at the University of Parma.


We support Sport and we are sponsor of Ondablu Swimming Pool and Gymnastics School Solaris, since the sport is a school of life, respecting rules and people. Also the best sports performance is the result of postural and muscle balance, only achieved by a perfect occlusion.